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How Did Golden State Warriors Win the Champions?

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No matter who you were rooting for, Golden State Warriors won the NBA champions last year.

Now, let us show you how well the Warriors played in season 2014-15's playoffs.

Know your enemy and know yourself.

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This page shows the stats of each match the Warriors played in the playoff stage.

What do these graphs mean?

This court chart shows the locations both teams attempted to shoot in the match:

  • Darker hexagons represent successful shots.

  • Lighter hexagons represent missed shots.

What do these graphs mean?

This bar chart shows the boxscore of the two teams

How to select a playoff stage?

You can drag the slider bar on the top.


You have already changed the stage. Now have a look at how to choose a certain match.

Match buttons

The match buttons show the matches in current stage, representing matches in sequence.

Each stage is supposed to have 7 matches. A team progresses to the next stage by winning 4 games.

The blue buttons mean the Warriors won these matches.

Buttons in other colors mean the opposing team won.

Gray buttons show cancelled matches due to one team winning the stage already.

The yellow button will give you the overall average boxscore of this stage.

Your turn

Please click on the highlight button and have a look at the results.

See how the Warriors beat Houston Rockets in the 3rd match.


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Player comparison

This page shows the stats of two players.

What do this bar chart mean?

This bar chart shows times that both players attempted to shoot in different shot ranges with different shot types in the match:

Colors represent shot type. X axis represents shot range.

You can click on the x-axis to choose one shot range. You can also click on the legend to choose one shot type. It will automatically show the filtered results. Whenever you want to return to the original stack bar chart, you can just click on the title at the upper right corner of the chart.

What do these graphs mean?

This court chart shows the locations both team attempted to shoot in the match:

  • The size of hexagons represent the frequency of attempted shot.

  • The color of hexagons represent the efficiency of shots in that location.

Most frequent lineups

If you click on the images, it will show the most frequent lineups for these players.

What do these radar charts mean?

These charts show players' performance in six fields.


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How Did Golden State Warriors Win the Playoffs?

Golden state warriors are the Champions of NBA in 2014-15 season. Congratulations to them!
Some professional commenters think the warriors are leading the League to a new stage, for their innovative strategy of making good use of three-point shots. They pay less attention to mid-range shots (8-24 feet) and more focus on three-point shots and under-basket shots.
Have a look at the playoff matches they played in last season and notice the score distance distribution of both teams.

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